About Gather Local

About Gather Local

Our why

We can't hide it - we're obsessed with hosting!

We're a former wedding-planning team based in Ottawa, Canada, and we're so excited to show you how we make events at home personal, fun and unforgettable.

Oh, and COVID-safe!

We're passionate about updating all of those amazing tips your grandma has tucked away with the good silver - all while supporting local businesses!

Follow us for luxe event and lifestyle ideas on a budget. We've got you covered.

So who the heck are we?

Well, we've been a little secretive on Instagram leading up to launch, partially because it also means we'll be closing our first project together, And Always Events, and we weren't quite ready to say goodbye.

But now that we've launched, we're going all-in on Gather Local! We're so excited to announce that in our last week of operating And Always Events, we were published on the cover of Ottawa Wedding Magazine. How is that for good timing? You can read the full story here!

📸 Kathi Robertson Weddings


I love dried lavender, flat whites and brie.

I work full time in tech, I love my tarot cards, and I've been obsessed with events as far back as I can remember.

Nothing makes me happier than sharing new recipes and experiences with people I love in my own home! I like to think I'm the wife of the party 🥳

I'm half Chinese and half Canadian. My grandmas on both sides inspired my hosting commandments:

1) Thou shall never go hangry
2) Thy glass shall never be empty
3) And thy heart will always leave full


In my opinion there is no such thing as too many throw pillows!

As an interior design enthusiast, I have an affinity for creating inviting, comfortable spaces with a story and purpose.

I work full time in corporate space planning, I absolutely love DIY up-cycling projects, thrifting, and optimizing a budget!

I find nothing more fulfilling than rescuing an old piece of wood furniture from the curb and giving it a new life, whether it’s a chair to sit in or a table to gather around.