Home Refresh: Our Top 10 Repurposing Hacks

Serveware turned decor. Display, store and utilize!

Home Refresh: Our Top 10 Repurposing Hacks

It's been a while since you've had people over - so what do you do with all of your serveware in the meantime?

Use Your Hosting Goods as Home Decor

You selected them both for beauty and function, right? So why not make the most of them and use them in unexpected places.

You'll be surprised at how much use you can get out of those same items, and the next time you have people over, you can empty, wash, and use them for their intended purposes.

Not only is this the eco and budget-friendly choice, but it keeps your home feeling fresh!

Here Are Our Top 10 Repurposing Hacks

  1. Empty Alcohol Bottles
  2. Fresh Floral Arrangements
  3. Pitchers
  4. Utensil Crocks
  5. Trifle Bowls
  6. Plate Holders
  7. Vintage Silver
  8. Soap Dishes
  9. Vintage Candy Dishes
  10. Mason Jars

Empty Alcohol Bottles

Turn your empty alcohol bottles into vases!

You can keep the labels on, or soak them off and use a damp cloth with some Goo Gone to remove the residue. Then, pop in some florals and display!

If you have leftover bottles after an event, this is the perfect use for them! I used the bottle from Dairy Distillery's Vodkow Cream for this vase.

Fresh Floral Arrangements

Remember those flowers your guests brought you as a hostess gift? Turn them into permanent decor by drying them out and displaying them in your home!

The dried black roses in the photo above are a great example, which we'll show you how to dry another day. I got them from our friends at Capital Florist!


Pitchers are super handy when you're serving sangria or infused water at a party, but what do you do with them when you're not hosting?

Instead of taking up shelf space, we repurpose ours in a couple of different ways.

Then I want to serve a house cocktail like sangria or punch at an event, I'll empty them out and use them for serving.

Utensil Crock

Neutral and the perfect size, this pitcher holds all of my favourite kitchen utensils!


I love me a good French provincial look, and this pitcher was the perfect choice for some leftover lavender from our wedding.

Utility Crocks

I'm big on accent colours, and when we first moved into our home I knew that Le Creuset's sunshine yellow was the perfect colour pop for my kitchen! Counter real estate is limited in our kitchen, though, and I found that this crock flared out too much when I added in our utensils.

So, I repurposed it for our K-cups!

I use the same crock for ready-grab utensils at events, or leave the K-cups in for overnight guests.

Trifle Bowls

Trifle is a once-or-twice-a-year thing in our house, so I use our trifle bowl as a centrepiece the rest of the year! If I'm hosting an event, sometimes I'll even use real citrus, but most of the time these realistic faux-lemons do the trick.

Plate Holders

When you move, you often find that storage solutions that worked at your last home don't work at your new one. That was the case with these plate holders from Ikea, but I quickly realized that they also made a great storage solution for my clutches! Now they're upright and organized!

I also use this for holding napkins or plates upright at events.

Vintage Silver

I'm low-key obsessed with vintage, so when my husband's grandparents offered up their silverware when they downgraded to a smaller home, I couldn't say no!

Heirloom pieces this beautiful deserve to be used, and since we're not exactly hosting Lord and Lady Grantham for tea any time soon, I got creative.

These ones need a good polish, but more on that another day!

Remote Holder

This piece is a handy coffee table display for our remotes and controllers!

I also use this for displaying a pitcher and garnish at events.

Skincare Display

This piece holds my entire skincare regime. It's pretty, and because it's on the counter I actually remember to stick to my regime every day!

This piece is also great for holding used tea or coffee spoons at events - I just put a napkin down first.

Letter Holder

This one might be a little more traditional, but it serves as a great place to hold our outgoing mail until I make it to the postbox.

This serves as the place where guests drop off their cards at events like our housewarming party or birthdays! When the first guest arrives, I'll put their envelope there as a visual example for the next guests. It works like a charm!

Soap Dishes

Have you ever ordered something that just wasn't worth the money to send back? I got really excited when we moved into our first home, and I forgot that we're liquid soap people and not bar soap people. Instead of returning this set, I repurposed it to hold our electric toothbrushes and it saves our countertops from those pesky drip rings.

It also works really well for holding guest soap when guests stay overnight and want to take a shower the next morning. I'll leave the guest soap either in the dish in the bathroom, or on a rolled-up towel in the guest bedroom.

Vintage Candy Dishes

My Chinese grandparents were so excited when we purchased our first home! We were the first of their grandkids to do so, so we lucked out and had first pick of their wedding gifts in the basement.

These candy dishes were too beautiful not to take home with me, but I don't have enough blue hair yet to have a dish of Werther's by the front door. I repurposed them for all of our odds and ends, like spare batteries, pens and chip clips.

When we do have guests over (especially grandma), this dish quickly gets converted back into a nut or candy dish.

Mason Jars

Okay, I admit it. I use canning jars for just about anything and everything. From water glasses to food storage, you'll definitely find these in multiple places in my kitchen, but you'll also find them on my dresser!

I use these for storing my makeup brushes and lipstick!

If I need extra glasses for an event or need some extra storage (i.e. for reusable straws) I'll empty these out, give them a good wash and they're ready to go!

I hope these ideas inspire you to make the most of what you already have! Show us your repurposing ideas by tagging us @gather.local on Instagram.